Funeral Transport

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Traditional funeral transport in Leek

At Samuel Sigley & Sons, we offer traditional funeral transport services. Our fleet of funeral cars includes a Rolls Royce hearse for the deceased and limousines for the transportation of family members. We also have a horse carriage available. Talk to our experienced funeral directors in Leek. We also offer pre-paid funeral plans.

 Rolls Royce Silver Seraph fleet

The world’s first and only four-door Rolls Royce Silver Seraph hearse built to our own specification. Call us to book funeral cars and hearses in Leek.
Rolls Royce Silver Spirit Limousines

Three Rolls Royce Silver Spirit Limousines in diamond graphite

Our bespoke Rolls Royce fleet delivers the perfect first-class travel for the family and the deceased.

Horse drawn carriages available

We can provide a beautiful Irish Village Hearse and Dray for traditional ceremonies.
horse carriage
Call Samuel Sigley & Sons for funeral transport services in Leek and the surrounding areas. 
01538 382 048
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