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Pre-paid funeral plans for clients 
in Leek

If you wish to make arrangements for the funeral of a loved one or for yourself beforehand, we can help. Taking the burden away from your family and friends, we can help you plan all the details of your funeral. Contact Samuel Sigley & Sons. We offer pre-paid funeral services tailored to meet individual requests. 
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Do you wish to make arrangements for your funeral?

Our pre-paid funeral plan is a simple scheme set up by Mr Michael Sigley without all the strict terms and conditions large corporate companies may set.

Mr. Michael Sigley set up this scheme some time ago after numerous requests for people who wanted to have a flexible way of saving towards a funeral without having to commit to a national scheme with strict terms and conditions.
Sometimes people wish to organise and pre-arrange aspects of their later years quite some time before they require them, things like accommodation, health insurance and pensions etc.

Some people feel that they must go one step further and pre-arrange their funeral which can relieve stress for their family at a difficult time. This also helps the family know your exact wishes that need to be carried out. Everyone's wishes are different and every funeral is personal.
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We can help you make your own funeral arrangements

So what do I do next?

You can ring us for an appointment to meet you either at home or at Lyndhurst House and then we can discuss and record your wishes and give an estimate of the cost.

What do we need?

Three documents of identification must be submitted. You must clarify whom the account is for and a flexible payment may be made.

Where does the money go?

We then set up a trust fund account on your behalf. We are the trustees but your money stays in its own account so therefore your money gains interest. You could either pay a lump sum or a monthly amount which could be organised to suit your needs.

We will draw up a written funeral plan with your wishes and ask for a signature of approval. You will then receive a copy for you to keep.
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Arrange for the funeral expenses of a loved with pre-paid funeral plans from Samuel Sigley & Sons of Leek. Give us a call to speak to our experts. 
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